Hillel M.

Former Collaborator of Accounting and Control

• Certified Public Accountant, State of Maryland
• Advanced Professional Certificate in Quantitative Analysis, New York University Graduate School of Business Administration
• MBA in Accounting, New York University Graduate School of Business Administration
• BS in Mathematics, Brooklyn College

With more than thirty years experience as a professor and researcher; consultant and manager; author and case-writer, Hillel melds his academic experience with real world examples dynamically merging theory with practice. His passion is for explaining complex concepts to diverse audiences – from PhDs to high school students; from faculty to business students; and from judges to law students – making accounting relevant yet entertaining. He received the Best Teacher Award in Rutgers University’s Professional Accounting Program, and was inducted into their Hall of Fame of Great Teachers.

Hillel Maximon has taught in a number of leading business schools receiving consistently high ratings from graduate students and business executives. His expertise is in financial accounting, real estate finance, and the time value of money – and he has been cited by the Canadian Supreme Court and the Accounting Education Change Commission for his work and contribution.

He teaches Financial Accounting (Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced), financial statement analysis, Management Accounting (Cost and Control), and Real Estate Finance; in MS, MBA, Executive MBA, Careers in Business, and Law School programs.

Areas of interest

* The conceptual framework of financial accounting
* Real estate finance
* Valuations; and the time value of money