Senior Lecturer of Managing People in Organizations and Business Ethics

• Ph.D. and MSc. in Production Engineering, Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo
• Mestre e Engenheiro de Produção, Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo

Jorge Mitsuru Matsuoka is senior lecturer in the Department of Managing People in Organizations. His doctoral thesis established a relationship between psychological typology and human motivation theory in order to propose an individual-centered approach to motivational and quality of work management.

Since 1997, when ISE – Instituto Superior da Empresa, the Brazilian Business School closely linked to IESE – was founded, he has been collaborating closely with IESE in the development of its Department of Human Behavior.

Dr. Jorge Matsuoka gives sessions regularly in the executive education programs (AMP and PMD) that IESE runs in São Paulo. He also works in numerous in-company seminars for multinational groups such as Siemens, Telefónica, Sanofi-Aventis, Philips, Petrobrás and Eletricidade de Portugal, as well as offering consultancy projects on executive coaching.

Areas of interest

* Psychological types
* Leadership styles
* Coaching
* Organizational change
* Organizational culture