Emeritus Professor of Entrepreneurship

• Doctor of Business Administration, Harvard University
• Degree in Industrial Engineering, E.T.S.I.I. Barcelona

Pedro Nueno is a Technical Architect, Industrial Engineer and Doctor of Business Administration from Harvard University. He is also Professor of Entrepreneurship at IESE and CEIBS.

He is the founder and Honorary President of the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), leading school of business in Asia, with campuses in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Accra and Zurich.

He was member of the Visiting Committee of the Harvard Business School for six years (2005-2011). He is in the board of several companies and institutions and during his career he has been in the board of more than 30 companies and institutions in Europe, the USA, Latin America, China and Africa.

Prof. Nueno is also founder of FINAVES, a venture capital corporation associated to the entrepreneurship activity of IESE Alumni that supported the launching of more than 40 companies, creating directly more than 3000 new jobs. His areas of interest include entrepreneurship, starting new ventures, global management, management of technology and innovation.

He authored 22 books translated to several languages about corporate turnaround, innovation and entrepreneurship. He has written more than 100 cases on Entrepreneurship, and published many articles.

He has received many Honors such as the Cross of Saint Jordi from the Spanish Government (2003), the Friendship Award (2009) and the Outstanding Contribution Award from the Chinese Government (2014), and “Commander by Number or the Order of Queen Elisabeth the Catholic” by the Kind of Spain (2015).

Areas of interest

* Entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and starting new ventures
* Management of privatization and turnaround processes
* Industrial alliances, joint-ventures and acquisitions
* Industrial procurement, customer-client integration
* Management of technology and innovation
* Internationalization processes


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Working Papers

NUENO, P., OOSTERVELD, J. (1987). Categories of technology alliances (DI-128-E).
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Articles in other publications

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Book Chapters

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Technical Notes

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