Better together

The power of human connectedness


Better together: the power of human connectedness

From ICT networks to inclusive people management, a world divided is calling out for more human connectedness. Here’s how business leaders can forge the human connections on which our wellbeing depends.

Network connectedness

Which positions in an organization have the greatest impact on innovation? How to amplify and extend cooperative behavior and collaborative performance? Research-based tips for reaping the rewards of working together.

Leadership requires social contact

Pilar de Castro-Manglano, a psychiatrist at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra in Spain, highlights the importance of in-person relationships.

Where is your third space?

Sanjali Nirwani, founder and CEO of Unlocked India, uses games to celebrate togetherness in a space designed for human relationships and meaningful bonding.

What kind of role model are you?

Anneloes Raes shares from her latest research on how Top Management Teams set the tone for an organizational climate of connectedness.



The Big Picture: the music industry's catchy rhythm

Streaming has replaced physical media. What else has changed as a result of the disruptive effects of digitalization on the music industry? Here are the main trends.



A safe simulation to help slow a pandemic’s spread

A new analytical tool sheds light on what does and doesn’t help promote compliance with public health measures.

Rethinking choice overload: when the world needs more options

A new global study finds it is usually better to have too much choice than not enough.

Engaged fatherhood: a winning proposition

Facilitating men’s presence in their children’s lives contributes to creating a more inclusive world.



Connected through conflict

Read what IESE alumni are doing to ameliorate the humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine – and find out how you can help make a difference.

One smart cookie

Social impact is baked into RobinGood’s business model. Paolo Fusaro explains the keys to building a tasty social enterprise.

Don’t quit your day job

To effect social change, you don’t have to leave the corporate world and work for an NGO. As Julie Verdugo discovered, sometimes the biggest changes come from within.



Artistic license: fresh ideas attracting new audiences to art

Beatriz Muñoz-Seca offers advice on service design for cultural institutions recovering from COVID.



Split decision: when do corporate splits make sense?
By Llewellyn D.W. Thomas

With GE, Johnson & Johnson, Toshiba, General Motors and Ford announcing or exploring their intention to split into smaller entities, we look to HP’s experience to diagram when breaking up might be a good move.

Green reporting: getting the numbers to add up
A conversation with Gaizka Ormazabal

Transitioning to a greener economy and reaching sustainability goals raise accounting challenges: how to measure and report emissions as well as intangibles like climate risk?

Work and life in the balance
By Evangelia Demerouti

The worldwide reality of remote working during the pandemic provided the perfect natural experiment to observe the work-family interface in real time. Here we present evidence-based strategies to survive – and thrive – in the new normal.



Triple motivation: 3 keys to authentic success
By Gabriel Ginebra

What drives you to work hard every day: Money? Personal fulfillment? Or the chance to make the world a better place? For IESE’s late dean Juan Antonio Perez Lopez, the authentic answer is all three.


Better together