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MarketLine: New Access and Interface Upgrade

May 13, 2019

We would like to inform you that MarketLine database has been upgraded to a new and improved user interface. The URL also has changed.

MarketLine is a multi-disciplinary product by GlobalData Plc, providing global Business Intelligence on Companies, Countries, Industries & Case Studies on an easy to use online platform. Users can compare economic & demographic data, explore market value, volume and share & build lists of 400k Companies with contact details.

The 3 main areas of improvement include:

  1. New Platform Functionality.
  2. Improved Infographics (Tableau).
  3. Enhanced Content Sets.

What’s new?

  • Enhanced navigation bar
  • Easier and clearer navigation between related content sets
  • Theme based refinements
  • Build your own report
  • Access through mobile devices
  • Grouping of search results.

How to access to MarketLine?

Access campus-wide and off campus, from the Top Databases menu on the Library homepage, clicking on MarketLine, or from the A-Z Databases page.

Please delete your browser’s cookies if you have any access problems.