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Statista: New content, sections and modules

October 1, 2021

We would like to inform you that we have a higher version of Statista that offers access to new content, sections and modules.

Statista is a data aggregation platform with access to>1 million statistics, forecasts, studies, dossiers and infographics on 80.000 topics from more than 22,500 sources. Insights and facts across 170 industries and 150+ countries.

– New features include:

General content:
• Historical data, data cooperations and Statista surveys in Africa.
• Covid 19: On the platform you will find data on the impact of Covid-19 in different sectors, opinion polls on measures against the virus, etc.

New sections:
Advertising & Media Outlook: Understand the wide-ranging advertising and media world and identify its future potential.
Country Outlook & Country Reports: Key figures and forecasts on the economic and social development of 150 countries. Data from international organizations, exclusive data from FitchSolutions and survey data from Statista.
Industry Outlook: Everything you need to know about the industry development.
Technology Market Outlook: Insights into the world’s most important technology markets.

New types of reports:
City Reports: The City Reports include information on the economic, demographic, infrastructure, logistics and quality of life conditions of 200 cities around the world. The Global Report Cities compares and classifies the 200 cities.
Brand Reports: The brand reports provide an overview of the competitive landscape, the customer profile and the customer journey of Spanish companies (for example Mercadona, BBVA etc.) and international companies. Data is based on Statista Global Consumer Survey.

New tools:
Statista Global Consumer Survey: It offers a global perspective on the consumption and use of the media, analyzing consumer uses on and off the Internet. It is designed to help you understand consumer behavior and the way they interact with brands. It is based on more than 1,000,000 interviews in 56 countries and covers more than 11,500 brands and more than 50 industries. The results can also be filtered by the situation before and after the start of the coronavirus.
Business Plan Export: The Business Plan Export helps you to model markets and calculate business cases to create a business plan.

How to access Statista?
Access campus-wide and off campus (IESE Students, Professors and Staff), from the Top Databases menu on the Library homepage, clicking on Statista, or from the A-Z Databases page.