What is Available to Borrow?

Most of our 45,500+ books can be borrowed, with the exception of certain copies of recommended reading books and reference works. Journals may not be borrowed.

You can also download most of our 127,000+ e-books, which you can search for on our E-Books Finder. The loan periods for e-books vary but are generally one or two weeks.

The library catalog lists all of the books in our collection. Search by author, title, subject or keyword.

Borrowing Allowances

ProfessorsMBA Students, IESE Staff, Alumni Members &
Supporting Co.
Ph.D. StudentsResearch Assistants
Maximum Loans3055157
Loan period (*)30 days (**)30 days Flexible (***)30 days 30 days
Renewals 2 times (****) 2 times (****) 2 times (****) 2 times (****) 2 times (****)

(*) This is the period for standard loans. There are some books with shorter loan periods.

(**) Faculty may have the loan period extended for certain books by an academic year.

(***) Books may be borrowed until your next Barcelona or Madrid-based module.

(****) Maximum renewals online. You should bring the book to the library desk for further renewals.


Borrowing Transactions

Library books can be checked out either at the Library Desk or using the Self Check machine located in the Library Hall. Your IESE card is needed.

Special assistance with loans (overdues, holds, etc.) is only available when Library staff are present.

A security alarm sounds if a user takes unchecked Library materials out of the Library, as a reminder that documents have not been properly checked out. Users are responsible for all materials checked out under their name.

Books must be returned by the date stamped on the Library bookmark or on the receipt if you issued the book yourself.

You can return books either at the Library Desk or using the Self Check machine.

After returning a book using the Self Check service, please place it in the Book Drop next to the machine. Also, when the library is closed, you can deposit books by leaving them in the Book Drop outside the Library’s main door.

You can view your borrower record and renew your books online at Renew my materials. You will need to use your IESE username and password.

See also our video tutorial, How do I renew my loans online?

You can also renew books or access your library account using the Self Check machine. See our Self Check Machine Video Tutorial.


Reserving Books that are On Loan

You can “place a hold” on a book that is currently on loan using the library online catalog:

1. Find the item in the library online catalog.

2. Click “Place Hold” while viewing the item information.

3. Enter your IESE username and password. (See also How-to).

4. Choose where to pick up the item (Barcelona or Madrid).

5. Click the “Place Hold” button to send your request. The HOLDS screen appears. Click OK.


We will contact you by email when the book is ready to collect.

See also our video tutorial, How do I place a hold on books?


Notice to Return Books

We will contact you five days before the loan expires to remind you to return or renew the book.

Once the expiry date has passed, it is not possible to renew the loan, nor is it possible to take out new loans until the book has been returned.


Lost Books

Lost books should be either replaced or paid for. You will not be able to borrow more books until you have made these arrangements.