Change-Over in Chair of Governance and Leadership in Public Administration

Santiago Álvarez de Mon takes over from José Ramón Pin after 13 years

October 11, 2017

Santiago Álvarez de Mon, professor of managing people in organizations, has been appointed to hold the José Felipe Bertrán Chair of Governance and Leadership in Public Administration.

Álvarez de Mon holds a law degree from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, an MBA from IESE and a PhD in Sociology and Political Sciences from the Universidad Pontifica de Salamanca. He serves as a consultant to corporations and executives and is the author of numerous books; his areas of interest include leadership, high-performing teams, coaching and career development.

The Governance and Leadership in Public Administration Chair looks at the public sector and its leaders in order to improve management and competitiveness – and contribute to overall development. “Leadership is a journey that begins from within,” says Álvarez de Mon. “If you want to influence others, you must begin with yourself, developing intelligence and character.”

Better Government, More Competitiveness

The Chair of Governance and Leadership in Public Administration is aimed at developing a conceptual framework and a series of ideas and instruments that can be used to formulate concrete solutions for the public sector and its leaders.

It has been held by José Ramón Pin Arboledas, emeritus professor of managing people in organizations and business ethics. “Government and public-sector knowledge of management good practices is one of the most efficient ways to promote a country’s institutional, economic and social development,” said Pin Arboledas.

Research, Training and Much More

The chair generates, among other things, case studies, best-practice cases and technical notes for use in educational activities, as well as research papers, articles and books on the subject. It promotes international conferences, and the participation in congresses in the field, and directs doctoral theses focusing on this area.

It also offers international development programs for senior executives in the public administration, in order to provide education in policy leadership and public management to improve action programs and organizations. Some of these (delivered on the Madrid campus and taught in Spanish) include: