IESE MBA Launches New Singapore Module

Courses held at NUS Business School


January 17, 2013

IESE’s MBA program has created another new bridge to Asia with the launch this week of its first module in Singapore, Jan. 14-18 at the National University of Singapore Business School. Taking part in the module are 37 IESE MBA students who reflect diverse nationalities.

The module centers on two main courses: People Management & Asia, led by IESE Prof. Yih-Teen Lee; and Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior, taught by Tan Soo Jiuan of NUS Business School. In addition to these courses, students will also participate in networking opportunities with IESE alumni based in Singapore, as well as current NUS MBA students.

To give students a close-up look at the business environment in Singapore, company visits will be made to Fairmont Hotel, Noel Gifts, Haworth, Philips and Standard Chartered.

Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior

Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior is a marketing course in which students will explore cultural differences, values, attitudes and lifestyles of Asian consumers through in-depth analysis and group discussions. The modules encompasses a series of business cases that focus on the complexities of executing sales strategies in Asia.

In addition, two visits will be made to local companies to understand the key challenges Asian firms face in the areas of human resources and marketing.

People Management & Asia

ThePeople Management course takes an organizational and structural perspective, addressing topics such as effective design of management systems, compensation, assessment, promotion and employee career management in Asia.

Students will also examine key management systems used in the Asian context, particularly China, and a special focus will be placed on the integration of People Management within the overall strategy of the organization.