Business Ethics: IESE Prof. Antonio Argandoña, the third most influential expert in the world

Article in the Journal of Business Ethics


IESE Prof. Antonio Argandoña was cited as one of the top five most productive authors in business ethics research across the globe in a recent article in the Journal of Business Ethics. In addition, the work of Prof. Domènec Melé, who came in 15th among leading authors worldwide, was highlighted.

Authors Kam C. Chan, Hung-Gay Fung and Jot Yau argue that a better understanding of the growing trend in business ethics research has become acute today, due to the recent financial crisis which has raised concerns about ethical issues and practices, among other factors.

The ranking analyzed the most prolific authors of business ethics research and their university affiliations over a 10-year period. The University of Navarra - IESE's parent institution - placed 6th in the world in terms of the number of articles in a set of prestigious business ethics journals. The ranking took into account articles published between 1999 and 2008.

"Business Ethics Research: A Global Perspective" points out that 43 of the top 100 institutions cited for ethics research generation are non-U.S. institutions. This sizable presence of non-U.S. institutions suggests that business ethics research has become a global phenomenon in the last 10 years and its importance has received worldwide recognition. Scholars appearing in the paper reflected 67 different countries.