The Essence of Leadership


We all know an effective leader when we see one, but what is at the heart of real leadership? What are its key ingredients? At the Talent Management Summit 2011, Prof. Álvarez de Mon asks speakers how they would define the essence of leadership. Gareth Williams, HR director of Diageo, says you have to ask yourself "how do you inspire yourself in order to inspire others as a leader." Bob Bennett, vice president and chief learning officer at FedEx Express, believes that "a leader does the right thing, no matter how painful it is. The essence of leadership is courage."

Roger Cude of Wal-Mart Stores believes it is "the ability to lead and teach and inspire and to make those around you better than they were before you arrived."

For Nasa's Jane Datta it's a case of "figuring out how to do what you've been asked to do and then being able to articulate this to the people who have to do the work."