Coca-Cola: Success in the Value Chain


Pinar Ozcan, assistant professor in IESE's Strategic Management Department, talks about the success of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. Ozcan explains how the company effectively exerts pressure over the entire value chain, starting with the concentrate used to create the final product, and negotiates long-term contracts with bottlers and retailers. The company also makes huge investments in marketing to perpetuate a powerful lifestyle brand.

Over the last decade, to keep pace with changes in consumers' tastes and preference for healthy products, the company has moved to acquire more water and juice brands, Ozcan explains. Coca-Cola has also become a trendsetter in social media marketing strategy, creating content that is shared regularly among its base of 32 million Facebook users, and can then be shared with the global Facebook community.

Ozcan's comments were made in connection with a recent Continuous Education session held at Coca-Cola's headquarters in Atlanta for IESE alumni in North America. The event coincided with Coca-Cola's 125th anniversary.