Tuning into World Television Day

Prof. Josep Valor on the future of on-demand TV


November 21 marks World Television Day, which was proclaimed by the United National General Assembly in 1996. According to the resolution adopted by the UN, the day underscores the increasing demand "to address the major issues facing humankind" and the role of television, "as one of today's most powerful communications media" as a vehicle for presenting these issues to the world.

Much has happened since 1996, with the TV industry undergoing dramatic change. Most recently, on-demand television has taken center stage. In this video, IESE Prof. Josep Valor discusses the new business model that offers consumers the chance to record everything broadcast on a given TV channel. On-demand television represents a major disruption in the way television content is delivered, he says. While it is not clear what the ecosystem will look like in a few years’ time, copyrights will certainly become a central issue.