Setting: On Location

Barcelona, New York City, Silicon Valley, Sao Paulo, Shanghai: each site has been deliberately chosen for its strategic purpose in advancing your learning. As a result, your learning experiences in each module -company visits, meetings with executives, special projects, cultural activities and get-togethers with local citizens- correlate with the setting. Individually, each locale enriches your learning in personal and meaningful ways. Collectively, they create for you a once-in-a-lifetime global experience.

Now you can choose between the Europe and Americas track. Each track begins with an emphasis on its home continent and the two tracks merge as the program develops. For full details download a brochure using the link on the right side of the page.


The opening, closing and some other modules take place at IESE Business School's main campus in Barcelona. IESE's newly expanded campus provides a state-of-the-art learning environment in one of Europe's most creative cities.

Sao Paulo

The elective module on Managing Complexity will take place in Sao Paulo on the campus of ISE. The key topics addressed during this module will be competing in business models, environmental sustainability and fostering innovation.


In Shanghai, you will gain first-hand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities to be found in Asia and other emerging markets. The module focuses on the market dynamics and business practices of high-growth emerging markets.

Silicon Valley

During the Silicon Valley module, you will focus on IT, entrepreneurship and venture capital, while also meeting with seasoned leaders in this dynamic area. You will also learn how to foster an environment of creativity and innovation in your firms.

New York City

You will travel to IESE's New York Center, located in the heart of Manhattan, to focus on key industries that thrive here, such as media, finance and marketing.

Licinia Melilla
Marketing and Admissions Manager