Quality Plan Introduction

IESE’s regulatory framework introduces elements that guarantee the quality of teaching and also indicates that the different evaluation bodies (Agencies) must contribute to guaranteeing university quality objectives.

Our regulatory framework includes features that guarantee teaching quality and stipulates that the different assessment agencies should help guarantee the objectives of quality in the university. The SGIC was implemented under the VERIFICA Program, which evaluates curriculum proposals in accordance with the European Higher Education Area.

Organic Act 4 of April 12, 2007, which amends Organic Act 6 of December 21, 2001

Royal Decree 861 of July 2, 2010, which amends Royal Decree 1393 of Oct. 29, 2007

Royal Decree 99 of Jan. 28, 2011

When curriculum verification is obtained from the Council of Universities, the effect is that listed degrees are considered accredited degrees and are included in the Spanish Registry of Universities, Centers and Qualifications (RUCT).

Master in Business Administration (MBA): BOE, June 8, 2010RUCT  
Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA): BOE, June 20, 2017RUCT  
Global Executive Master in Business Administration (Global EMBA): BOE, Nov. 23, 2010RUCT
Master in Management (MiM): RUCT
Master of Research in Management (MRM): BOE, March 29, 2013RUCT
PhD in Management: BOE RUCT 22-04-2013RUCT

Members of the CGC

  • Coordinator of the Quality Committee: Jaume Armengou
  • Member of the University’s Quality and Accreditation Assessment Committee (CECA): Unai Zalba 
  • Coordinator of the MBA: Marta Escardó   
  • Coordinator of the GEMBA: Mª Isabel de Muller 
  • Coordinator of the EMBA: Jordi Utges
  • Coordinator of the MiM: Isabel Estalella
  • MBA and MiM Program Director: Marc Badia 
  • EMBA and GEMBA Program Director: Eric Weber
  • PhD and MRM Program Director: Giovanni Valentini
  • Corporate Information Unit Director: Elisa Simón


IESE Business School – University of Navarra 
Cristina Ruiz 
Tel.: +34 93 253 42 00

The SAIC manual (Internal Quality Assurance System) contemplates all the processes and their templates. The SAIC is common to all the centers (faculties, schools, institutes) of the University of Navarra, which will apply it to their official titles (undergraduate, master’s and doctorate). It is public at the following link: https://www.unav.edu/web/calidad-e-innovacion/calidad


Strategic processes

These are the processes that set the overall performance framework for the entire Quality Assurance System:

PE 1. General Quality Policy
PE 2. Improvement plan
PE 3. Creation, modification and extinction of titles

Analytical processes

These are the processes that determine the systematic analysis of official titles:

PA 1. General information of the title
PA 2. Curriculum
PA 3. Advice
PA 4. Mobility
PA 5. External practices
PA 6. Labor insertion and graduation profile
PA 7. Human resources
PA 8. Material resources and services

Support processes

They are the processes that provide the information, the documentary support and the rendering of accounts for the analytical processes:

PS 1. Documentation
PS 2. Surveys and indicators
PS 3. Complaints and suggestions
PS 4. Public information and accountability

Máster Universitario en Gestión Empresarial / Master in Management (MiM) – Rates SIIU

Máster Universitario en Dirección de Empresas / Master in Business Administration (MBA) – Rates SIIU

Máster Universitario en Ejecutivo en Dirección de Empresas / Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA) – Rates SIIU

Máster Universitario en Ejecutivo Global en Dirección de Empresas / Global Executive Master in Business Administration (GEMBA) – Rates SIIU

Máster Universitario Investigación en Ciencias de la Dirección (MCD) / Master in Research in Management (MRM) – Rates SIIU