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IESE programs worldwide

An international mission

At IESE, we are on an international mission. We operate beyond our own campuses, carrying out programs in multiple cities across Europe, Asia and Africa.

The most international among IESE’s programs are the Global Executive MBA and Global CEO Program, which have modules taught on different continents. You may also like to look at IESE’s programs for top management which take place in Bilbao, Philadelphia, Lagos, Miami and Shanghai, among other cities.

IESE is present in every continent in the world:

In Central and Eastern Europe, in Warsaw, we offer the International Faculty Program and the Advanced Management Program.

In Asia we work closely with the China European International Business School (CEIBS) and Indian School of Business. The Asian model of the Global CEO Program and the Global CEO Program for China are taught at CEIBS. Meanwhile, the Global Executive MBA Program contains modules taught in the cities of Bangalore and Shanghai.

 In Africa we are active contributors to promoting the development of training for managers in Kenya and collaborate with Strathmore University. We also work with Lagos Business School in Nigeria and with MDE Business School in Ivory Coast.