Businessweek Talks with IESE's MBA Admissions Director

Javier Muñoz Sheds Light on Application Process


IESE's Admissions Director Javier Muñoz talked about the latest changes in IESE's MBA, assessment days and tips for applicants in a recent interview with Bloomberg Businessweek.

This year, the MBA program expanded from 215 to 290 students and students can now take electives at the school's recently opened center in New York City, he said.

Each year, the MBA Admissions Team organizes 12 Assessment Days for candidates who have passed the application stage, in locations such as New York, São Paulo, New Delhi, Hong Kong and Barcelona. These special events help potential students better understand the school and its teaching approach.

"Timing is crucial, so you should apply as soon as possible," says Muñoz, adding that visiting the school's campus in Barcelona is also key.

"The MBA is a huge investment of money, time and effort. You just do one MBA program in your life, so you better make the best decision," he said.