The Impact of Green Building Legislation in the EU

IESE's Public-Private Sector Research Center spotlights evolving policies and effects on business

29/04/2011 Barcelona

The Impact of Green Building Legislation in the EU

The Public-Private Sector Research Center recently organized a "Workshop on Energy Efficiency in Buildings and European Regulation" on the Barcelona campus, which focused on recent developments, the implementation and impact of new regulations and future trends in this area. Coordinators of the event were IESE Prof. José Luis Moraga and Sebastian Curet, researcher and manager of the center.

Thanks to the support of Alcoa Foundation, IESE's Public-Private Sector Research Center has launched a long-term project dedicated to study the economic impact of new European regulation on energy efficiency and the greenhouse effect of gas emissions. EU directives such as those that regulate "eco-design" and the performance of European buildings have a direct impact on national economies through the action plans of each country. They also have an impact on real estate and construction materials, and the economic agents involved in these sectors.

Prof. Moraga of IESE's Department of Economics presented the opening session, while Curet next provided an overview of the project, "European Regulation, Energy Efficiency and Markets."

Ferran Bermejo, IMAT technical director in Barcelona, and Gloria Díez, from the Environmental Unit of the organization, presented the paper "Environmental Building Advice from a LCA (Life Cycle Assessment, environmental management standard ISO 12000). Marcos González, from the department of housing and buildings at IDAE in Madrid, spoke about the current status of compliance with European regulations. Claudio Lutzky, from UAB & MGM International, analyzed the energy efficiency and carbon credit market, while Roger Marcos, director of energy saving and efficiency of the Catalan Institute of Energy, talked about the current state of the application of the law in Catalonia.

Finally, a roundtable on energy efficiency and the varying speeds of progress being made across Europe took place with the participation of González and Marcos, as well as Rosa Garcia, director of ALCOA EHS & Sustainability in Madrid and Xavier Labandeira, professor of economics at the University of Vigo.