Challenges for 2012: IESE Professors Share Views



Challenges for 2012

Doing more with less will be the recurring theme of 2012. As such, companies should reconsider export markets, refocus on their core competencies and reinforce their HR. They need to create more flexible workplace arrangements aimed at boosting productivity while retaining their best talent. It will also be a year of opportunities, thanks to the greater possibilities afforded by new technology.

In times of crisis, companies' most important responsibility is to create and maintain jobs, says IESE Prof. Joan Fontrodona, in this video encapsulating the opinions of several of IESE professors' views on the challenges for companies in 2012.

For his part, production expert Prof. Marc Sachon advises companies to use their manufacturing footprint to confront the uncertainties of the financial markets; focus on core competencies; and build teams of people with global profiles, who can help open up new markets.

IESE Prof. Sandra Sieber of Department of Information Technology stresses that 2012 will be a year of new opportunity for companies, due to the unstoppable momentum of social networks, mobile and cloud computing. Prof. Javier Díaz-Giménez, meanwhile, analyzes recent developments in the global economy. Finally, Prof. Joan Enric Ricart describes key factors, such as energy prices, that will likely impact companies' global strategies, while Prof. Nuria Chinchilla urges companies to boost productivity through flexible management practices, which will also serve to increase commitment and keep talented people from leaving once the crisis is over.