How to Run a Winning Campaign. IESE and Kennedy School Deliver Program on Campaign Management

23/12/2011 Madrid

Today marks the start of the 2nd Annual Campaign Management Program, which covers the essential elements of a successful political campaign. The program tackles topics such as strategy design, communiciations, budget design and the use of new technologies and social media.

The Campaign Management Program program is led by IESE Prof. José Ramón Pin and Steve Jarding of the Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University.

Antonio Núñez, director of IESE's Center for Public Leadership and Government, said the program is based on the premise that "knowledge of good management practices in government and public administration" is fundamental for institutional development.

Held from Dec. 13-15 on IESE's Madrid campus, the program employs the case method and iscomplemented by presentations and workshops that examine different aspects of running successful campaigns. The program is aimed at campaign managers, candidates and professionals who seek to expand their knowledge of campaign management and communication.

Jarding, who has helped lead political campaigns for 30 years, said that in order for government to work for the people, "people have to work for the government. It is a synergistic relationship." For government to function effectively in a representative system, people have to believe that government "matters in their lives."