Sandra Sieber: The End of Open Internet?


Could This Be the End of Websites?

Could we be about to see the end of websites? In the future will we only surf the net via applications? IESE. Prof Sandra Sieber says it's a question of web content. For now, mobile apps are much more usable than websites. However, app stores - such as App store - still face the challenge of providing a distribution as effective as what Google provides on the web. Can they succeed?

The year 2011 will be remembered for the rise of mobile data, explains IESE Prof. Sandra Sieber in this interview, but at the moment there are many discussions about how the market will develop. Will the expansion of the "app economy" in a mobile environment threaten the open standards currently associated with the internet?

"Very recently, some people have started claiming that the future of the web is actually closed and application-based, and that our good-old, open intenet is essentially dead," she says.

To focus the discussion, we need to go back to the basics and think about content - its production and distribution, argues Prof. Sieber. On the distribution side, one of the key challenges faced by app stores is to provide useful classifications of data for users quickly.

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