Developing Relational Leadership: Prof. Alberto Ribera Speaks to Alumni in Germany

04/05/2011 Western Europe

The habit of "automatic thinking" can distort managers' perceptions of reality and their relationships at work. Overgeneralizing, attempting to mind read and anticipatory worry are just a few common pitfalls that can hinder leadership capacities, according to IESE Prof. Albert Ribera.

Ribera delivered a talk on "Relational Leadership" to alumni and guests at a Continuous Education session in Cologne this week. He described how intentional and sustained positive efforts are needed overcome a natural tendency to focus on the negative.

"Human beings learn early in life to be vigilant in responding to the negative, and for good reason. Ignoring a negative threat could be lethal," he pointed out, outlining varous positive behaviors that managers need to master. These include self-inquiry, self-control, being goal-directed and being patient. He also discussed the capacity for cultural sensivity, and how there are many different ways of saying "yes" and "no" across cultures.

IESE's Continuous Education program is the Alumni Association's key activities. The events provide educational and networking opportunities for graduates and friends around the globe.

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