More than 500 Public Sector Leaders Set to Learn at IESE

IESE Creates New Center for Public Leadership and Government

20/10/2011 Madrid

Around 500 professionals are expected to take part in more than 10 programs offered by IESE's new Center for Public Leadership and Government (CPLG). Four of the programs will be held in partnership with the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

"The mission of the CPLG will be to offer education for high-level professionals in public administrations and entities on an international level with the aim of making a major impact on people and society," said IESE Prof. José Ramón Pin, academic director of the center. To carry this out, the center's programs will employ management education models successfully developed by IESE for more than 50 years.

The center's executive director, Antonio Núñez, said that the importance of public administration in a country's competitiveness and, in society in general, "is greater than ever." He stressed that IESE seeks to contribute to more efficient public management in the long term, particularly since public sector leaders must increasingly focus on strategic planning and evaluating public policy.

Over the last few years, IESE has led numerous programs for senior public officials in public administrations on all levels of government in Spain, as well as Europe, Africa and the Americas. Participants in these programs have also come from multilateral organizations such as the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and the European-Commission.

Among the programs to be offered by the center are:

IESE plays an active role in developing and disseminating new management ideas for the public sector. Its Public-Private Sector Research Center carries out research in this area, as does the Research Chair for Governance and Public Administration.