Prof. Sandra Sieber in NYC: Technology and Social Change

Vivian Schiller of NBC News Presents Views to MBAs


Prof. Sandra Sieber in NYC: Technology and Social Change

The IESE's New York Center is hosting an elective module of the MBA program, which kicked off the week with an in-depth look at technology and its impact on social change.

Vivian Schiller, chief digital officer of NBC News, spoke to the MBA students, who interviewed her about how technology changes are impacting both the news and TV businesses. The session was live-blogged to the IESE community.

In her remarks, Schiller stressed that high standards of journalism must be preserved on any news platform, even if it's Facebook or Twitter. Hence, in the future, media organizations will need to have "Twitter verifiers" to measure quality of information. She also highlighted that extreme fragmentation of news sources, which is leading to a greater number of places where people can choose to get their news, poses significant risk at a societal level, since the U.S. could become an increasingly uninformed nation, Schiller said.

Later that day, Prof. Sandra Sieber led a networking event with alumni and MBA students. She spoke about new trends in corporate communication and collaboration. Prof. Sieber discussed how technological changes spur social changes that impact how we work and may lead to new business models.

After comparing the number of people in the audience who currently check e-mail after waking up with those who did so five years ago, she went on to compare traditional modes of communication with new, internet-enabled ones, showing how these may significantly change how people within and across organizations communicate. She also addressed the criteria by which forms of communication and collaboration should be adopted, highlighting the need to learn how to properly use these tools and agree on a new framework of individual social media responsibility.

As for companies, the new posibilities of establishing 2-way interactions with their customers and providers pose both opportunities and challenges. While there will be problems, Prof. Sieber said, the world will not go back to previous models.

She furthermore concluded that the line between pure communication and effective collaboration is is blurring, and companies should prepare for even greater change in the future.

New Appointments Made in MBA Programs


With the start of the new academic 2011-2012 have come changes in the organizational chart within IESE's MBA programs. Javier Muñoz, who has been director of the MBA Admissions department, will now head the Career Services Department. Taking his place is Itziar de Ros, who leaves Alumni & Institutional Development. Also, Alex Herrerra leaves Career Services, to take over as Director of the Global Executive MBA Program. Within the Executive MBA program, Jordi Utgés and Natalia Centenera have been named the new directors of this program in Barcelona and Madrid, respectively.

Itziar de Ros (MBA '06) joined IESE in 2007 as associate director of the MBA Admissions Department, after working in the area of marketing and sales at Dupont. In 2008, she moved to the Alumni Department and since then has coordinated various activities related with institutional development. She earned a degree in business administration at the University of Navarra in 2002.

Javier Muñoz Parrondo (MBA '03) joined the school in 2003 as associate director in the MBA Admissions Department, which he became director of in 2007. He earned a degree in business administration from the University of San Pablo-CEO in 1997.

Alex Herrero Peró (MBA '97) joined IESE in 2005 as director of MBA Career Services, after working at Europraxis Consulting. He earned degree in telecommunications engineering at the UPC.

Jordi Utgés (PDG '01) joined IESE in September 2000 as Director of Executive Education programs in Barcelona, and later was head of the department from 2002 to 2005. In September 2005, he was named External Relations Director and in September 2008, he was appointed Corporate Development Director.

Natalia Centenera (MBA '88) joined IESE in 1995 and, in recent years, has served as Director of Alumni and Director of the People Division on the Madrid campus.

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