Should Your Venture Be in the U.S.?

Americans' purchasing power still strong, says Prof. Hakan Ener

09/08/2012 Barcelona


Increasingly, entrepreneurs are seeking to "hedge their bets" by launching businesses in multiple countries and continents, waiting to see where sales grow fastest. In a recent blog post, IESE Prof. Hakan Ener of the Entrepreneurship Department, writes that global entrepreneurs should not overlook the importance of having a presence in the United States.
Some venture capital firms will only invest in companies which carry out research and development in the United States.  In addition, "if you need to hire employees with highly specialized skills, the U.S. excels especially in scientific and technological fields," he says.
Finally, no matter where companies are based around the world, their customers may turn out to be Americans, he says. "This is especially relevant for entrepreneurs based in small countries or those with slow economic growth. The purchasing power of American consumers and companies is so large that now some ventures are establishing their sales force in the United States before anywhere else in the world." 
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