Lifesaving Tools for Crisis Management

IESE Insight review

18/12/2012 Barcelona


At the close of another year marked by crisis, the latest issue of the IESE Insight management review is packed with plenty of tools and examples to help you survive whatever 2013 throws at you. The New Year may not be easy, but our executive dossier, guest edited by Yago de la Cierva of IESE’s Madrid campus, will certainly help you rise to whatever challenges lie ahead.

Claus Rerup (Richard Ivey School of Business) has conducted extensive research into several large-scale crises, including a case of youths being crushed to death at a rock concert in Denmark, which echoes a more recent case that happened at the Madrid Arena. Based on those experiences, he presents a framework for companies to improve their capability to pick up on signals that impending crises give off before they happen.

The corporate communications consultant Alfonso González-Herrero looks at the key issues that companies must address, with forecasting and planning, in order to safeguard their reputations.

IESE’s José R. Pin provides a guide to help managers lead and communicate, so as to prevent uncertainty from crippling the organization.

Mark S. Schwartz, Wesley Cragg (both of York University) and W. Michael Hoffman (Bentley University) use the 2010 BP oil spill as a cautionary example of what happens when a company fails to make decisions based on ethical values.

With the trial now under way in Spain 10 years after the Prestige oil tanker spill, their article is a timely reminder that a company’s conduct should always be directly based on and connected to core ethical values like trustworthiness, responsibility, caring, citizenship, respect and fairness. In this way, you can be sure not to be part of the problem, but to be well on your way toward a solution.

Elsewhere in the magazine, IESE’s Kandarp Mehta proposes five strategies to help readers be more creative when they negotiate. And IESE’s Marco Tortoriello reveals the hidden dynamics at play in organizational networking, which may be helping or hindering your innovation efforts.

You’ll also gain firsthand insights from Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO of Renault-Nissan, sharing the lessons he learned from leading one of the most dramatic turnarounds in corporate history, which you won’t read in any handbook. You never face an impossible situation, he says. The only question is: Are you ready to pay the price for the solution?

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