The Democratization of Access

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20/12/2012 Sao Paulo

The Democratization of Access (08-01-2013 16:59:24)_IESE_069718

The Democratization of Access

Two experts in the telecom sector in Latin America, Santiago Fernández Valbuena of Telefónica and Eduardo Ricotta of Ericsson, comment on the dramatic growth of data traffic due to two trends: first, the explosion of smartphones, which has driven a democratization of access as we have never seen before; and second, the eruption of video, which will account for 80 percent of the traffic by 2017.

Success in telecoms is not incremental, it's exponential. Companies were once seen as a center with multiple points of sales but telecoms are part of the fabric of the societies in which they operate and so in Brazil you need to employ Brazilians and in the U.K. you need English people. Furthermore, what we are witnessing with mobile phones is the democratization of access.