Eye on IESE: Green Leadership, Building a Fan Base and More



Eye on IESE

Nicolas von Rosty visits IESE; prestigious brands and top professionals take part in the “How to Turn your Clients into Fans” meeting; the global IESE alumni community continues to grow; don’t miss the “Art and Cultural Management: From Service Design to Success” meeting and the session “SenseMaking for ChangeMaking Before change happens.”

The newly-released edition of "Eye on IESE" looks back on recent events such as the presentation on building green organizations by senior Siemens executive Nicholas von Rosty, as part of the MBA Global Leadership Series; a special session on turning clients into fans, with representatives from leading firms such as Coca-Cola, Amazon and Facebook; and record growth in IESE's alumni community, which now boasts more than 38,000 members.

The 90-second multimedia newsletter also highlights two events in New York City: IESE's new program, "Arts and Cultural Management: From Service Design to Success," to be held April 24-26, and a special session, "SenseMaking for ChangeMaking," to be held February 2.