Fashion Goes Online



Fashion goes On-line

Fashion is becoming one of the fastest-growing areas of e-commerce, even though traditionally customers prefer to try clothes on in the shop, says Prof. Sandra Sieber. This is partly because visualization is so much better but also because ease of return allows customers to order goods, try them on at home and then return what they don’t want at no extra cost.

Fashion is a rapidly-growing category of e-business thanks to major improvements companies are making in online product visualization, explains IESE Prof. Sandra Sieber of IESE's Information Systems Department. Customers are also becoming more inclined to buy online as firms, such as Zappos, make it easier and more affordable to buy apparel, try it on at home and return it if they decide not to keep it.
Most importantly, however, "social curation" is now fueling online fashion business. Through social platforms like Pinterest, consumers are able to quickly and efficiently identify products highlighted by other users of the platform, filtering out the informational "noise" that pervades the internet.

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