Refuting Leadership Myths

Alfredo Redondo, CEO of Grupo Amper, Speaks at IESE

26/11/2012 Barcelona

During a visit to IESE's campus on Nov. 23, Alfredo Redondo (EMBA '93), CEO of Grupo Amper, dispelled misconceptions about the role of leaders in organizations. His presentation was part of the Executive MBA Global Leadership Series.

In his talk with first-year participants, he traced his professional background and described periods spent in France, Argentina and the United States. Redondo, put his 50 years of life into perspective, noting that "cycles are repeated, but with increasing frequency and virulence."

He described how he managed his time when he was completing IESE's Executive MBA program, a stage in his professional career when he travelled Mondays through Thursdays.

He also refuted so-called "myths of leadership," arguing against seeing certain pairs of concepts as competing, such as: work life and family life; teamwork and individual work; luck and effort; and thinking and acting. Instead, Redondo said that these concepts can be complementary. In his opinion, they are merely "a question of balance and time, values and criteria."

Redondo forged his career by effectively combining "information, aptitude, attitude and environment," he said.