Want to Show Authority? Try a Bit of Humble Pie

Article by IESE Prof. Antonio Argandoña

02/08/2013 Barcelona

Antonio Argandoña

The moral dimension of the financial crisis has led to renewed interest in the ethics of executives, governments and regulatory bodies.

Of all the virtues expected of an executive or government official, humility is especially important, and yet it has been largely overlooked in the realm of economics.

This is probably due to an incomplete or misguided notion of what it means to be humble, why it's important, and how being modest contributes to the success and reputation of the organization as well as the leader.

IESE Prof. Antonio Argandoña aims to set the record straight, offering ideas for reflection on this essential virtue.

Greater Moral Authority

People often think that humility is incompatible with showing the authority necessary for being a leader.

That couldn't be farther from the truth: A leader who is truly humble, and is perceived as being so by others, will ultimately have far more authority than an arrogant leader.

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