IESE Holds Coast-to-Coast Events in U.S.

Sessions on cost control and entrepreneurial leadership

01/02/2013 New York

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Last night IESE Prof. Eric Weber led a discussion at the New York Center titled "Strategies for controlling costs: A second look after some additional years of crisis."

The professor, who is also the director of the New York Center, argued that there is no doubt that the crisis has only enhanced the need to maximize efficiency and reduce costs that add little or no value. In a time where revenue is under so much pressure, the world looks at what can be done on the cost side of things to save the day. So why is it that something apparently so simple, to control costs, often seems to go so wrong just when we need it to work the most? The event was a follow-up to the successful lecture delivered in March 2010.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, 74 participants, including 28 from the G-EMBA class of 2013 attended a session on entrepreneurial leadership led by IESE Prof. Hakan Ener. Other speakers included Santiago Corredoira (GEMBA '11), CEO of StepOne, a company that helps high-potential Spanish tech companies with their entry into the American market, and the Pier 2 Marketing co-founders: Paul Hamel (GEMBA '09) and Gimena Peña (Stanford MBA '05). Pier 2 Marketing is a marketing firm that creates a personalized strategy for each customer using a 360º model focused on the particular needs of the company, its customer's profile and insights.