IESE Airbus Case Earns EFMD Award

Vivero program empowers company’s top talent

17/07/2013 Madrid

Airbus and IESE

The IESE-Airbus Military case, "Empowering Internal Talent to Innovate," has been named a Highly Commended Case in the Excellence in Practice 2013 Awards presented by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). The case garnered recognition in the category of Talent Development.

The case describes the design, goals and results of the executive education program IESE led in collaboration with Airbus Military for developing talent within the organization. The case was written by Javier Matallanos and María Jesús Navarro Veroz of Airbus Military; and Prof. Marta Elvira, Alfonso Sanz and Ana Vinambres of IESE Business school.

Cases were short-listed by an international jury and winners will be presented during EFMD's Executive Development Conference hosted by the Stockholm School of Economics IFL Executive Education, Stockholm, Sweden in October.

The IESE case describes Vivero, a comprehensive corporate development program co-developed by Airbus Military and IESE Business School in 2011 and currently in its third year. The program was envisioned by the CEO of Airbus Military to identify and empower the firm’s top talent to lead strategic business growth from within while keeping an eye on future challenges.

Vivero (which in Spanish means "greenhouse") aims to provide internal leaders with the required business expertise and internal awareness to become "intrapreneurs" in alignment with the global strategy of the company. Because IESE Business School already had extensive experience collaborating with the organization at management and board levels, it became the natural partner for the initiative.

"Once again the EIP Awards have drawn out some outstanding cases that illustrate the value and impact of successful partnerships in Learning & Development," said Dr. Richard Straub, Director of Development at EFMD.

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