IESE Graduates Find Work Around the World

Placements from the MBA 2013 and 2014 Classes

18/07/2013 Barcelona

MBA Career Services

Some 80 percent of the MBA Class of 2013 who graduated in May have already found jobs and the number is expected to rise to 90 percent by September.

Of these, 80 percent have been contracted in a total of 36 countries, a further indication of IESE’s global orientation.

Asia has emerged as a new destination, with 19 percent of placements, while Europe continues to be the most significant continent, taking some 34 percent of graduates.

McKinsey & Company is the company that has recruited the most MBA graduates, followed by American Express and Telefonica, among others. By sector the most popular are consultancy, healthcare, banking, energy and consumer goods.

For their part, 100 percent of first-year students (Class of 2014) have already found positions for this summer in various companies in 40 countries and a range of sectors from finance to distribution, as well as IT, tourism, banking, consultancy and foundations.

The new MBA course begins in September and with them, a new season for the busy Career Services department.