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Young Talent Program: gateway to IESE

05/07/2013 Barcelona

Young Talent Program

IESE's MBA doesn't always start in September with a room full of inspired classmates from different countries from around the world. For some students, it begins much earlier, when they are still university students or recent graduates. These aspiring business leaders converge in July on the school's campus in Barcelona for the beginning of an intense two-year journey, the Young Talent Program.

The YTP provides a singular entry point to IESE: preadmission to the full-time MBA Program, as well as two years of work experience at a leading global organization. The program is especally designed for promising young talented students who are planning careers in global business.

Next Steps Seminar, the ideal start

To provide YTP students with a close-up view of IESE and the learning approaches employed during the program, IESE organizes the Next Steps Seminar in July. Lasting one week, from July 6-12, it gives participants the chance to attend interactive classes led by professors in the MBA program, team sessions, case discussions and social activities.

Most YTP students pursue studies in fields related to engineering, businesss management or economics. However, others major in fields such as humanities, science and law. Equipped with an IESE MBA and experience in a prominent international company, YTP participants are uniquely prepared for leading successful careers in the global business world.

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