Future MBAs Already Studying at IESE

Young Talent Program, the threshold of the MBA

11/06/2013 Barcelona

Alba Puig

Alba Puig is 23 and recently graduated in mathematics and telecommunications. This summer she will join the Young Talent Program (YTP), putting her on the threshold of an MBA.

What does a recently graduated 23-year-old student seek from IESE? For Alba Puig the key is to broaden her professional outlook. "I’ve spent six years studying and acquiring what is basically technical knowledge and I need the tools to figure out why some projects are successful and others are not," she says.

Puig is clearheaded and ambitious and insists that there’s no time like the present to continue her studies. "If you don’t learn from the outset how a company works, someone else will do it better than you and you’ll find it harder to advance within an organization," she says. "Furthermore, I’ve studied for two difficult degrees simultaneously and so I need to take advantage of this habit and ability now. That’s why having access to these studies is invaluable."

Nurturing Talent

Puig opted for IESE through the relationship that MBA courses maintain with universities. "The only thing I was clear about was that I wanted to study at one of the best schools in the world. But the fact that IESE came looking for us and asked about our abilities in our third year is something that I regard as unique."

"They told us about the option of attending the Summer School and it seemed to me the best of way of finding out if I liked the business world and the methodology. In this regard, the best thing about IESE is that it doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve studied finance. They look for people with the potential to develop and you see this in the classes. If IESE didn’t select its students so well, it wouldn’t be the school that it is."

After her experience at the Summer School she realized, "the next step was the YTP, to start working for a company and then take part in the Next Steps Seminar for the next two summers," after which she will stop work and join the 2016 MBA course. "I think I’ll find it hard to leave my job after two years and I expect the YTP to maintain my thirst for knowledge and to progress in my career and come back to IESE."