Soft Drink Industry Refreshes Spanish Economy

Report by IESE Profs. José Ramon Pin and Rolf Campos

11/03/2013 Madrid

2013 Pin, JR._4710_MEI1

With sales of nearly 5 billion euros a year, Spain's soft drink industry is a strong contributor to the economy, providing direct or indirect employment for more than 63,000 people, and creating 350,000 other jobs associated with suppliers and distributors in the retail and hospitality industry generally.

For the first time, a report coordinated by IESE's José Ramón Pin, and coauthored by Prof. Rolf Campos and Gonzalo Gómez Bengoechea, quantifies the true size and socioeconomic impact of this industry on the Spanish economy. The study was carried out in collaboration with the National Association of Non-Alcoholic Soft Drink Manufacturers (Anfabra).

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