Big Data, Smart Cities

Teradata CTO speaks at IESE Cities in Motion Think Tank

20/11/2013 Barcelona

Smart Cities using Big Data

At a time when cities are facing unexpected challenges, Big Data is emerging as an important catalyst in the creation of breakthrough efficiencies. As a leading expert in data warehousing, Stephen Brobst, CTO of Teradata, shared key insights on this topic at the recent IESE Cities in Motion Think Tank.

Under the slogan "Smart Cities Using Big Data," the IESE Think Tank was part of a three day event organized by Smart City Expo which attracted 9,000 visitors and 320 experts to Barcelona. The IESE Center for Globalization and Strategy, one of the collaborating organizations of this major event, has been generating knowledge and innovative tools to yield smarter local governments through its research platform, IESE Cities in Motion Strategies, an initiative developed jointly with the IESE Department of Strategy.

Mr. Iñigo de la Serna, Mayor of Santander and President of the Spanish Intelligent Cities Network kicked off the conference, addressing an audience of representatives from various cities around the world, managers of multinational companies, academics and researchers. With IESE Professor Joan Enric Ricart, the IESE Cities in Motion co-director moderating and the participation of his co-directors Pascual Berrone, IESE Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Juan M. Barrionuevo of Mobile World Capital, the think tank discussed the challenge of combining technology with civic participation and how to deal with security and data privacy.

Recognized as one of the top CTOs of the United States, Mr. Brobst was appointed to the Presidential Council of Advisors on Science and Technology under President Obama’s first term. He drew on his extensive experience to discuss how cities can leverage Big Data technologies to strengthen policy outcomes and engage citizens in government processes.

Open data initiatives, for example, are one approach that can maximize the benefits of Big Data for urban life. Brobst concluded that cities need better governance, better implementation strategies and more transparency combined with better bidirectional communication with citizens. The adoption of Smart Governance Strategy will furthermore be at the heart of attempts to improve the quality of life of citizens in cities around the world.

With the support of partners Telefonica, BBVA, Ferrovial, Schneider Electric, Telvent, Grupo Wasser and Arqtel Barcelona, IESE Cities in Motion Strategies brings together an international network of experts, specialized companies and worldwide local governments to contribute the latest ideas and research to help cities pave the way for sustainable urban ecosystems today and tomorrow.