5th Chemical Industry Meeting: The Quest for Investments

Panels with executives from BASF, Dow Chemical and Solvay

03/10/2013 Barcelona

Chemical Industry

On October 10, IESE’s Barcelona campus will host the 5th Chemical Industry Meeting, with the theme "Road Map 2015: Fostering Investments."

Coorganized by the Business Federation of Spanish Chemical Industry (FEIQUE), the meeting will bring together industry experts, public leaders and academics to discuss the latest developments in the chemical industry, which in Spain employs 500,000 people. In 2012, the Spanish chemical industry generated more than €28 billion in sales in foreign markets, which receive roughly half of its overall production.

This year’s event will focus on three main areas: energy, which is dramatically affecting cost structures in the chemical industry; designing effective industrial policies; and methods and instruments for financing investment, innovation and the internalization of companies. By improving these three factors over the short term, firms can attract greater investments in production.

Among the companies represented at the meetings will be BASF, Dow Chemical, BNK, Repsol and Solvay. The academic director of the program is IESE Prof. Juan Roure, professor of entrepreneurship.

The final session of the day will feature an investment forum, which has the goal of facilitating entrepreneurial activity through a platform uniting entrepreneurs, private investors and family offices.

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