GEMBA: One Class, Two Cohorts

Program's NYC edition to begin this week

17/02/2014 New York

New York

As the name of the program implies, the GEMBA is becoming more and more global: This week, it launches the Americas program from the New York Center, the first degree program offered from IESE’s campus in North America.

Choosing a cohort, however, does not exclude the other global locations where the GEMBA takes place; Barcelona, New York and Shanghai continue to host modules for both groups with an optional São Paulo module for both cohorts. "Each cohort, whether Europe or Americas, begins with a ‘home’ continent focus, later merging with the other," explains John Healy, Executive Director of GEMBA.

As one of the first programs that pioneered the use of e-learning platforms, the IESE GEMBA continues to focus on technology as a key factor that allows participants, no matter where they reside, to work together and maximize learning in between residential modules. Blackboard and Webex facilitate this blended learning, with the objective being "to improve this process through the integration of on and off-campus learning," says Healy.

In the same spirit that defined the launch of the GEMBA program over a decade ago, IESE continues to explore technology’s power to expand horizons in executive learning. Today, Sandra Sieber, Professor of Information Systems and the program’s academic director, and Giuseppe Auricchio, Executive Director of Learning Innovation, are integrating cutting-edge learning solutions such as the program’s tailor-made learning experience.

As the program has evolved so has the diversity of participants, allowing the it to maximize cross-cultural learning opportunities. "Since it was created, the IESE GEMBA has become a role model. These innovations are allowing us to stay at the forefront of executive MBA education worldwide," says Healy.

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