Essential Business Reads for Summer

New publications by IESE professors

31/07/2015 Barcelona

IESE Business School
Keep up-to-date with IESE Professors’ business books this summer / Photo: IESE

Entrepreneurial Icebreakers

Authors: Mª Julia Prats; Marc Sosna & Sylwia Sysko-Romanczuk
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Publishing date: December 2014

Fifteen companies, ten countries, one goal: conquering markets in transition economies. Stretching from Russia, Central and Eastern Europe post-Berlin wall, the 15 pioneering companies detailed in this meticulously researched book have overcome enormous challenges to achieve international success and compete at the forefront of their fields. As ‘Entrepreneurial Icebreakers’, forging a new path through difficult and testing times, their stories provide essential business reading this summer. Through a collection of 15 well-prepped and ready to teach cases, the authors present the difficulties encountered, from lack of regulation to public apathy, and detail key strategies and approaches, spanning a wide range of industries, topics, growth phases, challenges and international strategies. IESE Insight Magazine article

The Chinese Automotive Industry in 2014

Authors: Jaume Ribera; Marc Sachon; Thomas E. Callarman; Honglai Li; Xiaoying Shen & Cristina Castillo
Publisher: CEIBS
Publishing date: December 2014

China is the number one producer of automobiles, trumping the USA and Japan (its closest competitors). While crucial to the country’s economy, little is known or understood by outsiders of China’s auto industry. IESE professors Jaume Ribera and Marc Sachon provide a penetrating and timely analysis, describing the industry’s successes so far whilst highlighting essential improvements required to ensure its continued success. Describing the industry’s past, present and future, their report outlines the role of government subsidies, the stringent regulations governing joint ventures with foreign companies, the new incentives for NEVs (new-energy vehicles), and analyses the potential for growth in the world’s largest emerging automobile market. IESE Insight article

The Triple Aim for the Future of Healthcare

Authors: Núria Mas Canal & Wendy Wisbaum
Publisher: FUNCAS, 2015
Publishing date: January 2015

Global health services are overburdened with the growing demands of an ageing population, increased longevity, and ever-greater financial pressures. So, how can health systems deliver the Triple Aim – better health and better care at a lower cost? IESE professor Núria Mas Canal and Wendy Wisbaum provide a detailed and rigorous study in response to this question with practical, hands-on examples of best practices for implementing the Triple Aim. Presenting effective strategies from health service providers around the world, they outline ways to improve the quality of patient care and educate populations about healthier lifestyles while reducing the per capita cost of health care.

Humanism in Economics and Business

Authors: Domènec Melé & Martin Schlag
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publishing date: February 2015

What is Christian humanism? How can it positively impact businesses? Thirteen articles by international academics are presented which provide a detailed understanding of Christian humanism, its relation to economic activity and the importance of its role in business. The book’s co-author, IESE professor Domènec Melé, states that Catholic humanism is "a guarantor of human dignity, human rights and human development". Core concepts that should be enshrined in the practice of business. Arguing against the dominant shareholder-value model, which de-values the needs of individuals, this book is a call for businesses to be people-oriented, ensuring their progress and development, particularly in times of crisis. The book’s final chapter provides three fascinating case studies of companies, which have applied Christian humanist principles with great success. IESE Insight article