25 Insights From IESE Insight

IESE celebrates the publication of its 25th management review

02/07/2015 Barcelona

IESE Insight
Six years’ worth of insights represented by the covers of the magazine / Photo: IESE

To mark its 25th issue, the latest IESE Insight magazine presents a compilation of 25 top insights by IESE Professors published since the magazine’s inception. The top tips, if put into practice, will make a deep, positive, lasting impact on the management profession and the wider world, as is IESE’s mission.

IESE Insight was launched in 2009 to disseminate practice-oriented management research especially from, but not limited to, IESE. The Editorial Team works collaboratively with professors from other leading business schools around the world to bring the best material, not just IESE material, to an international audience comprising some 45,000 alumni; colleagues from other world-class institutions; and general subscribers, including business journalists.

IESE is able to leverage its links with Harvard Business School, as well as the associated business schools that it helped to set up in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe, to generate content that is truly global and genuinely represents a diverse range of opinions and cultural perspectives.

With 25 issues under its belt, IESE Insight now counts:

  • 100 articles published in executive dossiers on such essential topics as Compensation, Sustainability, Social Media, Emerging Markets, Innovation, Customer Centricity, Entrepreneurship and CEO Strategies.
  • 50 extra articles for practicing managers on everything from Stakeholder Management, to Multichannel Marketing, to Digital Strategies and Big Data.
  • 75 provocative columns by world-class thought leaders and Nobel prize winners, including Umran Beba, Colin Camerer, Henry Mintzberg, Robin Sharma, Hermann Simon, Robert M. Solow, Lech Walesa and Muhammad Yunus.
  • 25 face-to-face interviews with C-suite executives, including Narayana Murthy (Infosys), Kevin Roberts (Saatchi & Saatchi), Daniel Servitje (Bimbo), Paul Polman (Unilever), Carlos Ghosn (Renault-Nissan) and Howard Schultz (Starbucks).
  • 25 real-life business cases in which…
  • 75 senior executives proposed "what I would do" to resolve business dilemmas for such top companies as Spotify, Samsung, Henkel, Vodafone, Puma and El Bulli.

All add up to a rich, constantly growing database of "ideas with impact" that should leave managers better equipped to handle future challenges and make decisions to improve themselves, the people they work with and the world in which they operate.

In the words of Editorial Director Antonio Argandoña: "On behalf of the entire IESE Insight team, I thank all those who have collaborated with us on this adventure, both our contributors as well as our readers who have put their trust in this publication for the dissemination of knowledge, experiences and values. Here’s to the next 25 issues, as we strive to bring you even more!"

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