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Focused Programs Portfolio 2016-2017

31/08/2016 Barcelona


The new focued programs portfolio offers over 40 intensive programs for buisness leaders to prepare for the main challenges ahead / Photo: iStock

This new academic year, our Focused Programs portfolio welcomes four new programs.

Focused Programs are intensive learning experiences designed to help improve specific management competencies and to prepare you for the business challenges of tomorrow. Some offer a blended learning approach, with both online and in-class modules to optimize the impact you have on your business.

The focused programs portfolio is based on three pillars:

  • Immersion – delivered in a short format designed specifically for directors with packed agendas.
  • Concentration – guarantee a dynamic and interactive learning environment.
  • Transformation – offer conceptual frameworks to impulse change in companies and individuals.

Companies and directors can choose from over 40 focused programs in five key business areas: strategic direction, leadership, sales and marketing, finance, operations and sectors. These programs are delivered in a dynamic and interactive format (including case method, role-plays, coaching, online modules and lots more) that facilitates the exchange of experiences amongst participants.

Find out more about the new editions below:

Negotiation performance is a strategic pillar for top managers and entrepreneurs. Multicultural negotiations, ethical dilemmas, mediation in corporate conflicts and other complex situations are covered in this program. Advanced preparation and a solid framework can transform good negotiators into great negotiators. This program is offered in a blended format and is delivered by professors Juan Roure, Kandarp Mehta, Guido Stein and Yih-teen Lee.

Designed for managers responsible for business development, strategy or innovation, this program will enable you to dive deep into design thinking through repeated practice. You will see how this methodology builds a deeper understanding of the customer and enables you to implement initiatives more quickly and inexpensively using an iterative approach. Professors Joaquim Vilà, Tony Dávila and Kandarp Mehta join participants while they enhance their ability to generate innovative ideas and apply them efficiently in the workplace.

Rapid technological advances and the dynamics of globalization have contributed to increased complexity in the markets, organizations and products. This program offers a comprehensive map to navigate these turbulent times. It explores the external environment to design agile strategies and build the key leadership competencies necessary for organizations to thrive. Delivered by professors Fred Krawchuk, Tony Dávila, Miquel Lladó, Kandarp Mehta and Julia Prats, will help managers discover innovative methods to anticipate and resond to increasingly dynamic markets.

Changes and industrial developments are coming and with them important shifts in business and society. Prepare yourself and your business for more intense use of the internet, big data and 3D printing among other vanguard technological advances in this new program. Professors Marc Sachon, Eduard Calvo and Evgeny Káganer take participants on a learning journey to master the skills needed to excel in this changing context. Open yourself up to fresh perspectives and points of view about the opportunites and challenges afforded by the emergence of Industry 4.0.