Ready for 2016 Mobile World Congress?

IESE’s Javier Zamora will talk about the Internet of Things and new business models

19/02/2016 Barcelona

IESE Business School

Barcelona gets ready to host Mobile World Congress / Photo: Quim Roser

Barcelona is gearing up to host the mobile industry’s premier global conference.

The GSMA Mobile World Congress kicks off on February 22 at the Fira Barcelona. The “epicenter” of the industry, MWC brings together mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners from around the globe and showcases the latest innovations and trends in mobile.

IESE Professor Javier Zamora, senior lecturer in information systems, will be delivering a session on the Internet of Things (IoT) at this year’s congress.

As IoT continues to blur the frontiers between the digital and physical worlds, and drive the exponential growth of digital density, Zamora’s session will explore how opportunities are arising for new business models that go beyond traditional value chains.

“The virtual and the digital frontier is blurred,” says Zamora. “Businesses have to learn how to leverage this for their customer’s benefit. And their own.”

The session will be held at the Fira Barcelona, Espacio Tapiès CC1 on Wednesday 24.

This year’s cohort of participants on the IESE Advanced Management Program in Media and Entertainment will also be on campus in Barcelona next week, in order to leverage MWC for class debate and discussion.

Mobile is Everything

The congress, delivered this year under the slogan “Mobile is Everything,” provides in-depth coverage of the current and future panorama in mobile.

MWC provides a stage to get the heads-up on what the future of mobile holds and how 5G will affect consumers – and business. Said to be up to 10 times faster than 4G, increased cybersecurity, with greater flexibility and reach, 5G is set to revolutionize how we live, work and consume.

Highlights of MWC 2016 include:

  • Mobile Advertising – Engagement and Ad Blocking

The decision by Apple to support ad-blocking in Safari iOS 9 brought a thorny issue in ad-tech revolution to the fore. Getting the balance right between enhancing consumer’s experience and oversaturating with advertising is essential for companies to engage their audience – and sell products.

  • Contextual e-Commerce

The sharing economy is bringing a more contextualized layer to e-Commerce. It’s all about the consumer. And the personalized online shopping experience. When – and what – the consumer needs can be delivered in an instant. Websites will remember past searches and guide users to products that are tailored to their preferences.

  • Smart Cities and Digital Identity in Connected Societies

Smart cities use data, innovation and technology to enhance the lives and services offered to citizens. As our digital identities grow and encompass more aspects of our lives, new solutions allow us more direct control over how we manage this in an increasingly connected society.

  • Managing the Smart Workforce

Employees now expect the flexibility that mobile solutions provide to enable a 21st century work-life balance. But are companies geared up to meet emerging demands? Greater flexibility and mobility are just part of the package. Businesses need to adopt strategy – and solutions – to take advantage of the opportunities increased mobility brings.