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New edition of Business Management Fundamentals MOOC

07/07/2016 Barcelona

IESE Business School

The “Foundations of Management” course is a collection of five MOOCs, which includes modules on accounting, finance, marketing and leadership / Photo: Richard Hadley

IESE has launched a course specialized in management on Coursera’s platform. The new “Foundations of Management Specialization” course is a collection of five MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses), which includes modules on accounting, finance, marketing and leadership. It contains a CAPSTONE-based decision analysis project.

This online program is aimed at aspiring MBA program candidates, professionals with limited experience and entrepreneurs who are seeking basic training in business management. These introductory materials can serve as a foundation before embarking on any type of business management program.

Specialization certificates are available for participants who complete the four modules and the final project.

This is pioneer project in terms of payment options. The complete course costs €345, but participants can choose to take each one separately for €69 per module.

Objective: Authentic Learning Without Previous Knowledge

Prof. Marc Badia led the design of the course and materials, along with MBA program professors Miguel Antón, Mario Capizzani, Anneloes Raes and Carlos García Pont.

“The pedagogical sequencing of the content and activities allows authentic learning without previous knowledge,” said Badia. “For some students this course will cover their professional needs. But for others, it will be a fantastic complement to the unrivaled case method experience of our classrooms.”

Dr. Giuseppe Auricchio, director of IESE’s Learning Innovation Unit explains that the technical backend of the course offers more for students: “The technology behind these MOOCs has advanced considerably and now allows more personalized progress tracking for students. And this contributes to improving the students’ experience and retention.”

A New Generation of MOOCs

Unlike other MOOCs, “Foundations of Management” is taught in four-week blocks periodically. This means that each month, users have access to a new edition of each of the IESE program modules.

The five MOOCs of the course will be delivered on:

  • Sep. 5 – Oct. 10: “Accounting: Making Sound Decisions;"
  • Aug. 29 – Oct. 3: “Finance: Building a Robust Business;”
  • Sep. 5 – Oct. 10: “Marketing: Understanding Your Customers;”
  • Sep. 5 – Oct. 10: “Organizational Behavior: Managing People,” and
  • Sep. 5 – Oct. 17: “Analysis of Business Problems: Capstone.” (This is only available to participants who have successfully completed all the previous modules.)

In the coming months, IESE will offer the same series in Spanish, Portuguese and German.