Millennials Preparing to Make an Impact

Summer School and Next Steps Seminar transforming future leaders

14/07/2016 Barcelona

Summer School

The IESE MBA Young Talent Program is a way for university students to secure their career path and future studies / Photo: Paul MacManus

A diverse group of future world leaders gathered at the school's Barcelona campus for this year’s Summer School and Next Steps Seminar. The 83 students from 25 countries and 49 universities came to IESE seeking insight into how the IESE MBA will prepare them to be future leaders.

“The next generation of leaders are connected with social issues and how to solve them,” said Bruno Lea, associate director of MBA Admissions. “It’s not just about making money. It’s about adding value to society.”

“We’ve seen a rise in applications from people looking for a purpose and for the business knowledge that our MBA program provides to make the changes needed to address real social problems.”

Some people are looking to the long-term while still at university and preparing the foundations for their career – and future learning.

Securing Your Future

The MBA Young Talent Program (YTP) is a way for university students to secure their career path and future studies.

The week encompasses classes in Strategic Management, Business Ethics, Managing people in Organizations, Analysis of Business Problems: An Introduction to the Case Method, and Entrepreneurship from our world-class faculty.

Team building activities, group presentations, and career advice and CV building workshops are also woven into the program.

Karina Ibadullayeva (YTP ’15) is set to be part of the MBA ‘19 cohort and comes from Ukraine.

“It provides an impetus to achieve my future aspirations and allows me to bring my youthful eagerness to the IESE community. The rigorous management training and practical leadership experience are second to none. The Next Steps Seminars will help me bridge theoretical and practical knowledge and make more informed early-career decisions.”

As for the MBA, Karina believes it will teach her how to find specific approaches to different individuals and situations, prove the viability of strategies, and foster a questioning of the status quo.

In terms of advancing her negotiating skills, she said: “I will learn how to assume great responsibility for business decisions. And build a global network of highly accomplished individuals to share best practices I learn throughout my life.”

Learning to Lead

“Underestimating the complexities of leadership in an increasingly global environment is more common than you might imagine,” said Prof. Mireia Las Heras.

“Our future leaders need to have access to the bigger picture to be able to create a positive working environment that benefits the organization, the people and the families supporting them,” she said. “Leaders need to be aware of the ethics and implications behind each and every decision they make. And how those decisions affect not only the company, but their people and society as a whole.”

“Which is why in the Summer School and Next Steps Seminar we plant the seed with the cases we present students with in class.”

Karina has elected to pursue the YTP and the MBA with this in mind. “I believe this is a unique experience for students to re-examine personal beliefs and convictions as well as open their minds for alternative views.”

Pursuing an MBA for Karina also means trying out new professional – and personal – behaviors in an open environment. And receive “invaluable feedback from extremely diverse student body and faculty.”

“IESE Business School provides a powerful environment for me to implement my knowledge in a global context,” said Karina.

The opportunity to participate in the international exchange program, or take overseas modules, will enable Karina to understand regional peculiarities of business and collaborate with other upcoming leaders and executives around the globe.

And through IESE’s entrepreneurship initiatives, she added, she will learn how to integrate entrepreneurial spirit of a small venture into a large corporation.

“Millennials are attracted by the mission of IESE more than ever,” said Bruno Lea.

“Our mission of making a positive, lasting and deep impact on people first, organizations and then society in general hits a chord with future leaders,” he said.

“To have a true sense of purpose and to find the right motivation is exactly what millennials are prioritizing.”

“The mission of IESE is more modern than never and more crucial than ever, millennials are the future and they want to live truly this mission. Which is why this year we have so many people signing up for Summer School and Next Step Seminar participants.”