Crossing Borders and Building Bridges With Asia

IESE launches Mandarin version of web

29/03/2016 Barcelona

IESE Business School

IESE home page now available in Mandarin Chinese / Photo: Paul Mac Manus

IESE has launched a corporate website for participants, partners and faculty in Mandarin Chinese.

The corporate web, which showcases IESE’s global portfolio of top-ranked MBA and executive education programs, is now available in four languages: English, Spanish, Catalan and Mandarin.

Heralding the new offering as a move “completely aligned to IESE’s unique global vision, scope and reach,” Luis Go, director of corporate relations in Hong Kong and Taiwan, believes that a new era of “bridge-building” has begun for IESE.

“The new site, which is fully responsive, delivers a real sense of what IESE has to offer – not only across our suite of program offerings in Asia, but as a truly global business school. IESE has been active in Asia for more than three decades, working at the vanguard of management education and building strategic partnerships with world-class institutions such as CEIBS.”

IESE in Asia

IESE is seeing increasing traction in Asia, says Dongmei Song, IESE director of corporate development in China.

“We have a growing Asian alumni community of more than 800 executives. Each year we run a full program of learning sessions for Asian alumni.”

“Furthermore, we offer programs that target international and Chinese C-suite in collaboration with CEIBS, Harvard Business School and Wharton – programs that analyze the realities of doing cross-country business in Asia, and the challenges of setting direction at the helm of a Chinese organization. Common to our all of our program offerings is a broad, global perspective that is distinctive to IESE.”

The Global CEO Program, with a module in Shanghai, exposes CEOs to global trends, innovation that is shaping the global marketplace and new approaches. IESE also offers the Global CEO Program for China which empowers chief decision-makers to navigate across business disciplines and country borders.

The IESE MBA and Executive MBA run modules out of Shanghai, while the Global Executive MBA examines the challenges of doing business in Asia with modules in Bangalore and Shanghai.

MBA students can also travel to Singapore to build bridges with key recruitment decision-makers of companies in Asia with the IESE Asia Career Summit.

“Across our full suite of programs for MBAs, executive education and custom programs for teams and companies we are forging strong, strategic ties with a broad diversity of China and Asia’s top organizations,” says Song. “Our new website in Mandarin is an expression of our commitment to communicating globally, and a milestone in our consolidated and growing presence in Asia.”