IESE MBAs on Tour: Singapore, Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley

Connecting with Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, startups and venture capitalists amongst other top businesses around the globe

21/03/2016 Barcelona


IESE MBAs on tour building bridges in Asia, Israel and the U.S. / Photo: iStock

Barcelona campus is home to the IESE Full-time MBA. But the experience doesn’t stop there.

Networking with top recruiters, getting the inside track on healthcare, finance, fashion and retail, startups and the renewable energy in key locations around the globe are all part of the program.

Some of the upcoming international events to watch out for over the Easter break are: the 3rd Asian Career Summit; the Tel Aviv Startup Trek; and the 5th edition of IESE Meets the Valley.

3rd Asian Career Summit – Creating Your Own Opportunities

The IESE Asia Career Summit in Singapore connects students with the “decision-makers” – usually the founders or CEOs – of companies that don’t always have MBA recruiters, says Paaritosh Tandon (MBA '16), India. For Paaritosh, it’s also about “proactively creating opportunities rather than waiting for them.”

And the summit does just that. It creates an environment that encourages more focused conversations that are a platform to building longer lasting deeper connections. “We work with students on an individual basis to develop their target list of companies and contacts to reach out to. It’s a very customized approach,” says Anjaney Borwankar, IESE regional director for Southeast Asia and India.

While those interested in taking their careers to Asia are busy building bridges in Singapore, those with an entrepreneurial mindset are getting to grips with startups in Tel Aviv – and Silicon Valley.

First Edition Tel Aviv Startup Trek

Forbes rates Israel as the second largest startup eco system in the world – right behind Silicon Valley," says Anat Sherry (MBA '16), who has dual American and Israeli nationality and is one of the trek organizers.

“While small in size, it has become a leading arena for entrepreneurship and innovation.”

The trek takes students not only to Tel Aviv, but also Masada, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Haifa, and Nazareth.

“We’re meeting with leaders from large companies and startups, the Druz community in the Negev desert and the Arab-Israeli community in Nazareth,” says Sherry. “We’re giving students a taste of Israel’s diversity, its vibrant business and cultural lifestyle in seven days.”

With companies visits including Mobileye, ThetaRay, SodaStream, Fivver, Mindspace, Microsoft, MUV and Infinity Investments, the trek offers a variety of opportunities to network and get an inside view of how things work in Israel.

And while their classmates are discovering the vibrant tech scene in Israel, others are getting an insider’s view of Silicon Valley.

IESE Meets the Valley – Living the Life of a Startup Entrepreneur

Startups, incubators, accelerators, angel and venture capital investors and mature businesses like Google and Dropbox are all ports of call during the week-long Easter trek to Silicon Valley in this year’s 5th edition of IESE Meets the Valley (IMTV).

Students experience firsthand the entrepreneurial lifecycle, get an insiders perspective with company visits and networking opportunities with evening events and forums with founders, and investors.

Sam Glasswell (MBA '16), U.K., describes it as “one of the greatest learning experiences I’ve had during the MBA,” giving exposure to “amazing startups as well as venture capitals.”

For Spyros Plessas (MBA '16), Greece, the biggest “take home” from IMTV was learning how to “pitch to make yourself loveable and then support the argument on how to get invested.”

Finding Your Feet in Finance

The London Banking Tour (LBT) gets students interested in finance “on the recruitment radar of the likes of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citi, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley,” says IESE Careers Services Associate Director, Pascal Michels.

Over 70 students took this opportunity – and it’s already paid off for many of them. “In January almost all summer internship interviews went to LBT participants,” says Michels.

Elena Krylova (MBA '17), Russia, will spend her summer internship at Goldman Sachs Wealth Management. She found the networking value “outstanding” as she “got the chance to meet with decision-makers who wouldn’t usually visit IESE's Barcelona campus.”

Career changer, Matthew Koppel (MBA '17), South Africa, gained an internship with Deutsche Bank Investment Banking after he was able to “network and foster relationships with key players in the banking sector” during the trek.

There are also over 90 exchanges to choose from with over 29 international business schools around the world in second year.

New York, Nairobi, California and London are just a few of the destinations to pick from. There are also overseas modules in Shanghai, Sao Paolo or Nairobi and New York in second year.