Recruit IESE Talent

Recruit IESE Talent

Corporate Internships

Corporate Internship Project

For recruiters, corporate internships are a means of addressing operational needs or special projects that permanent staff members may not have time to undertake. They are also an ideal means of testing potential candidates for full-time positions and assessing whether they possess the appropriate skills, experience and cultural fit for your organization.

While standard in the financial services and consulting sectors, companies in the industrial sector are also increasingly using corporate internships as a source of full-time employees.

Project Fee

Financial Services€8,750€14,200€12,000
NGO & Development€1,000€2,000€2,500

Based on student survey

IESE Academic Partnership Agreement

The IESE Academic Partnership Agreement allows students to carry-out their internship as an integral part of their studies rather than as employees of a company. This means that IESE provides its students with health and accident insurance for the duration of the MBA – including the corporate internship project. This is standard practice in Spain and can apply wherever the internship is carried out, local labor laws permitting.

Graduate Internships

The corporate internship is an integral part of IESE’s MBA experience and takes place between the first and second years of the program. The project is carried out for a maximum of 11 weeks over the summer (the average is 9 weeks), starting in mid-June.


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