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Make Innovation Happen

Barcelona, April 8-10, 2014


The faculty of Make Innovation Happen program is made up of professionals who are involved not only in teaching but in research and the business world. This program's team comprises:

    Paddy Miller
    Professor of Managing People in Organizations
    (Leave of absence)
    Ph.D. in Management, IESE, University of Navarra
    Master of Business Administration, University of Cape Town, South Africa
    Bachelor of Arts, University of South Africa

    Paddy Miller is professor of Managing People in Organizations at IESE. His interests lie in the area of leadership and the management of change and recently have focused on the specific issues of leading innovation in multinational organizations. Dr. Miller's particular approach to innovation has been to take a longitudinal perspective to organizational transition as innovation is embedded in the culture. In line with this view, he has become extensively involved in management development issues in many organizations during the transition to being creative organisations. His work has cumulated in a new book Innovation as Usual published by Harvard Business Review Publishing in 2013, co-authored with a colleague, Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg.

    Among the companies and organizations that have used his services are Visteon, Bulgari Italy, IBM Germany, Henkel Germany, Lufthansa Germany, Volkswagen Germany, Caterpillar Spain, the United Nations FAO, Standard Life Scotland, Sun Microsystems Europe and AWI Canada. Apart from addressing management groups, he has worked with CEOs and their management teams in Europe, Africa, and North and South America. He is a sought-after speaker on executive programs in the U.S. and Europe - teaching on international programs offered by the business schools of Harvard, Michigan, Cape Town and the University of Virginia.

    Dr. Miller has written and contributed to several other books and articles that have appeared in publications ranging from the Financial Times to the Harvard Business Review. His case studies have won awards in various international forums. He was awarded by the American Academy of Management for his work in the field of globally distributed teams. McGraw-Hill published his book, Mission Critical Leadership (2001). Along with a team of researchers, Prof. Miller blogs regularly on the topic of creativity in organizations at "The Innovation Architect".

Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg
    Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg

    Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg is the co-author of Innovation as Usual: How to Help Your People Bring Great Ideas to Life, a Harvard Business Review Press book on the art of driving innovation in regular organizations.
    As Partner at the advisory firm The Innovation Architects, he has worked with managers in nearly all parts of the globe, including China, India, Russia, Singapore, Britain, France, the United States and his native country, Denmark. He is a frequent corporate speaker and has delivered keynotes at events such as Time Warner’s Senior Leadership Series, HP’s European Executive Partner Summit, Johnson & Johnson’s HCS Fall Leadership Meeting, and Egmont Group’s Management Conference.
    Mr. Wedell-Wedellsborg holds an MA in Media Science from the University of Copenhagen and an MBA from IESE Business School.
    He currently serves as an advisor to two startup incubators, namely the BBC WorldWide Labs in London and the product innovation firm Prehype.
    Prior to his business career, Mr. Wedell-Wedellsborg served for four years as an officer and infantry platoon commander with the Danish Royal Guards.


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